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About Johnston Law PC

    We are aware of the reputation that precedes most attorneys, and we recognize that, unfortunately, the stereotypes and jokes about attorneys have been earned.  At Johnston Law PC, we deliberately strive to provide a surprisingly pleasant experience in the legal arena.  We have embraced the following as our motto:

"Loving People.  Wowing Clients.  Changing the Practice of Law." 

    From your initial communication with our firm to the final meeting at the conclusion of your case, we take deliberate steps to help you feel informed and cared about, and we try to prove by our actions that your well-being is our number one priority.

The Johnston Law PC Team

Johnston Law WEB Brent Suit.jpg
Johnston Law WEB Brent Suit.jpg

Brent Johnston      |      Attorney 

Auto Accidents | Workers Compensation
Slip & Fall | Premises Liability | Wrongful Death

Brent graduated from Washburn University School of Law in 2009 and is licensed to practice in KS and MO.

To learn more about Brent click here

Johnston Law WEB Isabel.jpg

Isabel     |      Legal Assistant

Isabel joined Johnston Law PC in 2020 and is the primary legal assistant for our personal injury cases

Johnston Law WEB Diana.jpg

Diana    |      Legal Assistant

Diana joined Johnston Law PC in 2021 and helps with both personal injury and workers compensation cases

Johnston Law WEB Angie.jpg

Angie   |      Legal Assistant

Angie has been with Johnston Law PC since 2020 is the primary workers compensation legal assistant in the firm

Johnston Law WEB - Michelle Earings.jpg

Michelle    |      Office Manager

Michelle is Brent's wife and, as the office manager, she helps with the administrative aspects of the law firm

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