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Steps After a Work Injury

The decisions you make in the weeks immediately following a work injury can determine the trajectory for the rest of your workers compensation case.  Johnston Law PC will help you make the right decisions and avoid mistakes that could be detrimental to your case.  The following steps will help you make sure your case starts off in the right direction:

  • Any time you believe you might have sustained an injury at work, imediately provide written notice of your injury to each of your supervisors.  Emails and text messages are sufficient.  The notice should confirm that you believe you were injured at work, state the date of the work injury, where you were working at the time of the injury, and how the injury occured.

  • In addition to providing written notice of your apparent work injury, provide a written request for a medical evaluation to each of your supervisors.

  • If you seek any medical treatment on your own, make absolutely certain the medical records confirm that you believe the injury was caused by your work.

  • Even if you are skeptical of the doctors chosen by your employer or its insurance carrier, cooperate with the treatment authorized and be easy to work with so the medical providers don't develop a personal vendetta against you.

  • Contact an experienced attorney to represent you.  If you would like to discuss your workers compensation claim with a representative from Johnston Law PC, please call our office at 816-883-8803 or provide information about yourself, your work injury, and request a free case review below.

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